I’ve dedicated my life to guiding others to discover their unique contribution. What’s absolutely necessary for the world to be in perfect harmony is that we all fulfill our unique contribution.

Jaime Lee Life Coach at ListenFully, Beyond Coaching

I have always had a strong connection with people and a love for helping others.

About 30 years ago I found a way through coaching to use those talents for listening to help others find their path in life. Over the years, I also learned about myself as I reached out to connect with other people. I also grew in my own listening skills and abilities, learning to listen to people emotionally and intuitively. When I work with people, my process is about much more than hearing words and processing them in my brain. I go deeper to connect on an emotional level.

ListenFully, Beyond Coaching is much more than a business. It’s a set of beliefs and a way of life. I believe that in order to have fulfilling relationships, whether that be our relationship with ourselves or with others, we need to be able to open our hearts and listen with all our senses and emotions. Only by opening ourselves fully to the past for healing will we be able to move toward a more fulfilling and successful future.

I have experienced great transformation in my own life, and I bring that experience to all that I do in my work with ListenFully, Beyond Coaching. I hope to be a part of your transformation as well. Together, we can free your mind from negativity and help you experience relief, joy and fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

Jaime Lee

Coach, Intuit, Guide

Jaime Lee brings 30 years of experience to her work assisting others to improve their relationships and find success. Jaime Lee works with professionals from many different career paths, including education, healthcare, business and the arts, as well as working with individuals, couples and families to improve any relationships. In addition to individualized and small group coaching, Jaime Lee leads energetic workshops and residency programs.

Jaime Lee is a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education, and also has certification as an ADD coach, a performance coach and an Emotional Stress Defusion facilitator and a Passion Test facilitator.

Jaime Lee Life Coach at ListenFully, Beyond Coaching